Lightning Release

  • Allows for quick & easy removal of prosthetic devices
  • Safe and stable attachment
  • Accepts a variety of prosthetic feet
  • Absolute stability feedback to user
  • Pricing
  • $1450.00 ea. assembly
  • $750 ea. upper 1/2 of assembly
  • $750 ea. lower 1/2 of assembly

Shower Safe Foot

  • Imagine having to shower on one leg
  • Problem is common with many amputees
  • Gives the user the ability to stand on two legs again while bathing
  • Pricing
  • $300.00 ea. assembly

Lightning Release & Shower Safe Foot

  • Wide base stability
  • Instantaneous removal
  • Absolute user feedback
  • Low price makes our device available to a larger amputee population
  • Pricing
  • $1750.00 (Pylon and attaching hardware not included)

Absolute Stability Through Due Diligence

AmpuTech designs prosthetics that are Spartanly-simple but ingenious, leading to the development of the 'Shower Safe Foot'; a prosthesis that combines non-slip stability with easy on, easy off capability.

Combined with the 'Lightning Release', the 'Shower Safe Foot' offers a solution to amputee bathing, an area of research that has not received a great deal of attention.

Differences from the competition:

  • User gains stability through the foot's wide base
  • Instantaneous removal & replacement of the foot via the 'Lightning Release'
  • Sensory feedback from the foot reassures the user while bathing
  • Priced lower than our nearest competitor, making the device available to a larger population of lower-limb amputees.

Incorporated and patented, AmpuTech are the recipients of the following grants and scholarships from San Diego State University:

  • The Presidential Leadership Fund
  • The Strive campaign
  • The Shelley Bergum scholarship.

Person-with-a-disability owned and veteran operated, AmpuTech, Inc.'s philosophy is 'Absolute Stability Through Due Diligence'.


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